My First Louboutins!!

  1. Sorry for the crappy cell photos, I couldn't be bothered to deal with my camera but I'll get my husband to take some real photos later :biggrin: Very Prive Paillettes
    cl1.jpg cl2.jpg cl3.jpg
  2. Those are so cute!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Those are great! Congrats your first CL's!
  4. Love them!!! Great first pair!
  5. Beautiful!!!!
    Congrats on your first CL's!!!
  6. Love them! Congrats on your first CLs!
  7. Love them!!
  8. congrats on your first pair! hope to see more :yes:
  9. Congrats! Ive never seen this style before. What a beauty !!
  10. Love them! I was looking at a pair and I regret not purchasing them!
  11. Congrats!!! That's a gorgeous first pair! I've been drooling over exactly that (VP in black pailletes) for almost a year now but never bit the bullet. I see they look awesome on. Wear them in good health!!!
  12. Gorgeous and perfect for fall. Congrats!
  13. VPs are one of my favorite styles. Congratulations on joining the addiction.
  14. thanks ladies! Sorry I have been a bit busy and unable to get by here. I definitely have the bug, but we'll see what my husband thinks of that, lol. :smile: