My first Louboutins!!!!!!!

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  1. I've been lurking on this thread for ages drooling at all the beautiful shoes and telling DH all about it and finally for my birthday, he bought me a pair. My very own CLs :yahoo:

    Its definitely a start of a love affair or at least a very slippery slope :nuts:

    I'm usually a flats kind of girl coz I can't really walk well in heels but these are so lovely. I love them so much I just keep taking them out of the box, putting them on, walking around my room and then putting them back in the box. I think I'll have to practice a bit more before I go out in them :P

    Thanks for letting me share!!

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  2. Stunning!!!! The colour is so gorgeous!!!! :woohoo:
  3. congrats on your 1st pair! :woohoo: they look lovely on you!
  4. [​IMG]


    Congratulations!!! Your new simples are gorgeous and they look perfect on you!!!
  5. Congrats Luxe, new simples make a great first pair especially since they are easier to walk in than some of the other CL's (IMO) and they look great on you!
  6. Congrats and a happy belated b'day [​IMG]
  7. wonderful! welcome to the addiction! :biggrin:
  8. Gorgeous shoes, congratulations and happy belated birthday.

    I bought my first pair (Hora slingbacks) a year ago and have been waiting till I had a baby to make sure shoes will fit my post-pregnancy feet..

    On the hunt now ;)
  9. congrats on your first pair of CLs! They definitely won't be your last :graucho:
  10. Beautiful color and they look FAB on you!!! Congrats on your first pair and yes, it is a VERY slippery slope from here!!!! :P
  11. They're stunning! Happy birthday too!
    I still randomly take mine out of their boxes just to admire :biggrin: I love breaking in a new pair of CLs.
  12. WOW! The color is great and they look so good on you.
  13. What a great present! Congrats!
    Happy Birthday to you!:yahoo:
  14. Very beautiful and I love the color! Congrats and welcome!
  15. congratulations on your first pair! they look fantastic on you! :smile: hoping for many more to come heehee