my first louboutins... yay!!

  1. [​IMG]

    introducing to you.... my very first pair of CL!! hoping for more to come soon. :graucho:
  2. I really like the activas! Congrats on beginning a hard addicition! lol
  3. Oh I just :heart: ur new Babies!!! They look GREAT :drool:

    I was going to buy those 2 but in white - but decided to buy me a new JC
  4. They're beautiful...they look great on you. Congrats! You should be warned however, CL's are like potato chips, you CAN'T have just one (pair)...hehehe
  5. Fabulous. I like how the red polish matches the sole.
  6. yeah i noticed that too and thought it was cool. i had just received them here at work and had to try them on!

    thank you ladies, i really love them too! :tup:
  7. They look great on you, congrats :tup:
  8. congrats!!! i have the exact same pair and LOVE them
  9. looks fabulous on you!
  10. Those are TDF congrats!!!!
  11. Your going to LOVEEEEE these Activas!!!!! I have them in white & I love them!!!
  12. They are HOT, Congrats!
  13. Congrats! I envy all of you who can wear them. They pinch my toes at the side too much.
  14. sexy:graucho:
  15. They look great on you!