My first Louboutin"s" from Paris!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this side of the forum... but I have been drooling over all the beauties on here :drool:

    I went to Paris last week with the intention of going in to "browse" and maybe coming home with my first pair of Louboutins... but sadly (for my bank account) this did not happen... instead of one.. I left with...


    I some how had to explain to my boyfriend how we were going to fit all of these into my mini hand luggage for our 24hr trip in Paris... I clearly did not think this all the way through until leaving the boutique :P
  2. Congratulations-they are all gorgeous!
  3. Wow....what a thrilling outing at the CL Paris boutique! Congrats on your purchases!
  4. Congrats! How bout modeling pics?
  5. thanks for the compliments :blush: I'll be out and about this weekend in London so maybe I'll be able to catch some modeling shots! I've gone for the safe option on all my Louboutins but I'm hoping my next pair.. or pairs :rolleyes: will be more daring!
  6. Congrats - very classic pairs!
  7. Oooh congrats!!! A beautiful start! We need modeling shots!!! Cls are so addicting!
  8. Wow you really did it up in a big way (I'm not complaining!). They are all lovely; I hope you wear them all in good health!:flowers:
  9. Wow, great trip! They are lovely, especially the Nudes :P
  10. Every pair is gorgeous. Congrats on your firsts and can't wait to see some modeling pics.
  11. Great additions!! They are all beautiful.
  12. Haha. I LOVE IT!!!
  13. Wicked.
  14. OMG....they're gorgeous...:woohoo:
  15. congratulations they are so gorgeously classic!!! and i'm so jealous you were in paris... i would die to shop in the CL boutiques there one day!