My first 'lot' of LV's! *pics*

  1. After I got my monogram speedy 30, pochette accessories mono and some small accessories, my addiction just went worse! :graucho:

    After two months hard savings (got nice pay checks though - due to a lot of over time work...) I had the possibility to spend some money on my favorite brand right now - Louis Vuitton!

    Some of you may have seen a thread of mine some time ago regarding the Epi Alma vs. the Speedy Azur, since I lusted after a light colored summer bag. Well, I do have a winner - however she is not included in today's shopping spree... But she will so be mine when spring comes along again!

    So here is my lot for today, purchased at Harrod's in London! I know that you are tired of striptease' shows by now, but this is my first, so bear with me!

    Thank you all for the enabling!!
    DSC00177.JPG DSC00179.JPG DSC00209.JPG DSC00210.JPG DSC00186.JPG
  2. Congrats! Lovely new LV's
  3. I love what you have :biggrin:!
  4. And more photos!

    ..I love them to pieces!
    DSC00187.JPG DSC00188.JPG DSC00190.JPG DSC00193.JPG DSC00196.JPG
  5. Congrats! Great purchases.
  6. I think the lockit is my favourite though! In the last picture - the pochette accessories to the far left, and my amarante cles.

    Thank you for your sweet comments =)
    DSC00194.JPG DSC00195.JPG DSC00197.JPG DSC00201.JPG DSC00208.JPG
  7. woah! NICE HAUL! i love it all, especially the mini lin and the shawl. gorgeous stuff! will you be posting some modeling pics maybe?! :biggrin:
  8. Congrats!! :heart:
  9. love the LOT!!! Congrats.
  10. luna > Thank you! Of course I would have loved to go for the more special pieces, but figured that I should build up with some 'basic bags' first (they still are were special for me though... :love: ). I still have a looong way to go before I could get close of the collections you girls to have here! Just amazing... modeling pics uploaded. Please excuse the blurriness. Phone camera...
  11. congratss! my fav is the lockit
  12. Thank you all for the sweet comments. Just love the fact that there is a place where you can admit that you can actually stare on your new bags for hours, and not get slapped in the face for it... You girls are just lovely! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. congwatulations!
  14. Oh my gosh, lovely new additions!
  15. Congrats, i liked your mini line speedy