My first little YSL reveal!

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  1. Ok, this is it, my first YSL... Some of you will already know what she is but this is too much fun to skip *little burlesque tune dada dada dadidada*

    Shot with E5900 at 2009-07-04
  2. [​IMG]
    Shot with E5900 at 2009-07-04
  3. [​IMG]
    Shot with E5900 at 2009-07-04
  4. TADAA!! Ain't she a beaut! :biggrin:

    Shot with E5900 at 2009-07-04
  5. Beautiful! I love the degrade effect! Congrats!
  6. OMG!!! that is stunning!!!

    congrats! :yahoo:
  7. Beautiful! I think that the combination of the edgy degrade effect with the classic khaki color is just perfect. :yes: Congrats.
  8. oh wow, I've not seen that texture combo on a M2 yet...delightfully unique.
  9. LOVE it! Where did you get it?
  10. Love the combination! Great choice! If I remember you correctly, you could not decide between this one or the fuschia. Well, it looks like you made an awesome choice!! Much more beautiful than I imagined! Where it well!! Luv it!!:biggrin:
  11. so pretty :flowers:
  12. so pretty:biggrin:
  13. Ia am so glad you got a khaki Muse II...I just love is the most amazing khaki...carry it happily..vesna
  14. Got it at the Paris shop, they were really sweet too.
  15. Congratulations! :heart: the degrade effect.