my first little h bag on the way to me =)


loving H...
Jun 29, 2006
i've always thought about a hermes bag, but always seem to end up buying chanel/lv bags. i've been buying hermes accessories (love their scarves, bracelets, and wallets), but never a bag. i find hermes bags to be very expensive (i'd love a money tree:angel:)...but with the constant price hike chanel is having, a fellow tpf-er has suggested me to look into hermes.

after some searching, i've decided that the herbag would be a great starter bag for me (considering my casual lifestyle with 2 young children and the reasonable price of the herbag). so, i've just purchased one from let-trade and it's on the way to me:nuts:. i'm very excited and don't know who else to share this with....


Nov 22, 2007
My life story. Recently I was in LV and I purchased 3 Chanel handbags and a pair of Chanel boots. Put aside the boots, the handbags cost me the price of a Hermes Birkin. Where is the logic behind this??? The worst part is that I had Chanels waiting for me back home that had never seen the light of day. Congrats on your handbag.
Mar 26, 2007
CONGRATS! Herbag was my first and currently only H bag, and I'm in love with it still! It's very functional and pretty and you can't beat two-for-one; it's a bargain for the price as far as Hermes goes! You will LOVE it. Can't wait to see pics!!!