My first Legacy bag!!

  1. I decided to go to Woodbury Commons yesterday and stop by at the COACH outlet. My last Coach purchase was about 1 year ago because I fell out of love....but now I'm back!! I knew I wanted a Legacy bag because I LOVE the inside lining. Lucky for me, Woodbury had TONS of Legacy bags. They had Satchels, Alis and Mandys in every color leather and signature!! I saw the black satchel and fell in love so I HAD to get it :yahoo:I love it!! I got 20% off the outlet price plus another 10% because they had a coupon they were giving out yesterday. The bag came to $319 with tax included. I'm so happy with it!

  2. Congrats! I have this exact same bag and love it!
  3. Congrats, gorgeous bag!!!
  4. That is a baeutiful bag, I love the satchel in black! Congrats!
  5. Oooh very nice. I think that and the shoulder bag are my favorite of the '06 Legacys. Congratulations!
  6. Black Legacy Leather is MY FAVORITE of them all!!!!!!! CONGRATS and enjoy!!!!
  7. LOVE that satchel. It looks awesome in black too. What a great price too. I can't believe the outlets have so much Legacy right now, it's awesome!!
  8. Beautiful satchel...congrats! :tup:
  9. oh wow congrats!!!
  10. That is a beautiful bag! Congrats on your great find! I really love the Legacy 65th Anniversary collection the most. All of those bags rock!
  11. it's beautiful!! congrats!
  12. wow beautiful.. congrats chichi!!:tup:
  13. congrats!!! :tup: The legacy line is so beautiful!!! :yes:
  14. Congrats. Gorgeous bag. You're going to love that Legacy lining in the bag.
  15. That is a great bag at an amazing price. Congrats!