My First Leather Bag!

  1. I FINALLY got my Tano's Miss Understood bag today! It's my first named leather bag and I'm SO excited! Here's the thing. This is my first genuine leather bag so I didn't want to get a new leather bag and end up messing it up so I got it from ebay for $90. She used it for a few months so the tops of the straps are a little dark and there are a few tiny dark spots. She was so great tho and ended up closing the auction early so I could have it when she saw how enthusiastic I was! I'm happy about this actually because it's not perfect so I can test myself on taking care of a nice bag! Is that an odd way to get into designer bags? :confused1: So I need to know how to take care of a nice leather bag, girls! Should I get it waterproofed? What should I be careful of? Oh it's such a lovely bag, in a gorgeous cocoa brown. I wish my camera hadn't have run out of batteries last night! Maybe I can take a photo on my phone! Thanks on any care advice!
  2. congrats! most of the women on here recommend apple care products as a reliable way to waterproof your bag without affecting the color.

    i'd strongly suggest this article, written by a tPF member, about how to care for your bags - i know she took a lot of time on it, and everything she said looks very accurate. good luck, and enjoy your bag!
  3. congrats:P