My first leather bag! Tips please!

  1. Soo I just bought my first leather bag- the ergo belted hobo in plum! It was on sale at Nordies and on top of that they took off 25% for my PCE coupon- it was an amazing deal!!! I cant even believe that this is my first all leather bag- I guess I have always been a siggy girl up to this point. But now I am completely in love and also scared to death to use it. I took it to the mall today and almost died when someone bumped into me and really rubbed up against it! :sweatdrop: Since this is my first all leather bag I need some help. What is the best way to keep it from scratching? I have a bottle of Coach moisturizer but when do I put it on? How long do I need to let it sit? How often do you use it? Is there another product that will protect it better? I feel like a new mom who has no idea how to take care of her first precious little baby:p Im going to keep baby away in her little coach box crib until I get the low down on how to take care of her! :lol:TIA!
  2. :popcorn:i'm waiting here with you for answers.
    i've always wanted an all-leather bag, but i'm so worried it'll get all scuffed up.
  3. Me too^ but you know what? you can actually email a rep on the coach site and ask them. I've done this before. They get back to you very quickly, tell you which product to use and how to use it. Good luck!
  4. Dont worry! Coach leather is awesome. I have that plum belted ergo (great choice:tup:) and its very easy to care for. I usually just moisturize the bag first with the Coach moisturizer, rub it in good and you are pretty much good to go. I use the Coach Leather Cleaner only when I see an actualy "ding" of some sort on the bag, and when I put one away to switch purses. Then I clean and moisturize it, then put it away. I use a soft white rag so no color transfer happens (just in case) and thats about it. I know the Legacy leather is a different story, and I'm getting one for Christmas so we'l lsee how that goes! Im very careful w/my bags, no floors touch my bag, and I watch walking past cars this time of year as they are all so filthy w/salt and sand, etc.
  5. Sorry, no tips here but I had to tell you how cute you are!!! :yes: I think it's adorable and that bag is lucky to have you as it's new "mommy" :cutesy:
  6. Carry a plastic bag in your handbag. That way if it rains, you can throw the handbag in the bag.
  7. ^I've done that friend puts her Signature Carly in a plastic bag when she goes to restaurants.
  8. Congrats, Coach leather is GREAT, I throw my wristlet around everywhere and it has NO sign of wear! I've had it for...2 years now? It's amazing.

    I also got my Soho flap in the rain, but it was fine.
  9. The main thing is Enjoy it. :yes: :p

  10. OKAY I had a total "duh!" moment when I read this.... a plastic bag....hello..... it's so obvious and I completely overlooked that idea! haha

  11. This is an EXCELLENT idea!! -Thanks.
  12. Congratulations, I agree the leather is awesome. I have several leather bags and each is to be cared for in a different way so make sure you read your care cards in the inside pocket of the bag. For example, the coach cleaner can take color out of certain darker bags and never use it on black ! Also some leather is vachetta leather which will stain, legacy/vintage leather etc. ALSO make sure you talk to someone who knows what they are talking about. No names/places mentioned but a very inexperienced SA from Coach recently gave me bad advice on caring for a legacy leather bag and then she read the care card when I questioned what she was saying. Enjoy !
  13. I've bought the Legacy Medium Signature shoulder bag and medium Signature black Carly and both didn't come with care cards. How can I take care of the signature fabric?
  14. Thanks everyone! So helpful!!! I was so scared last night but now i feel much better! :cutesy:I will put my leather moisturizer on her tonight and let her sit overnight. Hopefully it will be dry by morning? And I need to get some of that coach leather cleaner. Hopefully shell be pretty for years to come! Thanks so much!
  15. aww thanks fieldsinspring :flowers: