My first Lauren Conrad (The Hill) dress

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  1. I'm not too crazy about celebrities designers...their clothes look cheap and of very poor quality (with the exception of Gwen Steffani) IMO....I love LC's style so I decided to give her clothes a try....I must say I'm very impressed with the quality and the fit of this dress.

    I ordered this dress from Shopbop and I cannot wait for her to come up with more cute styles so that I can order some more...what do you guys think?

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  2. it's cute but not superflattering imho. I think it would better if it was a tad more fitted in the waist area. A belt would ruin it :yes:
  3. ^^ This is a better picture of the dress...I don't think tighter around the waist would work....thanks for your opinion.

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  4. It looks pretty simple and cute but a tad short. I think it might look better with leggings or as a tunic. Cute necklace!
  5. I love it!! A really fun dress thats casual for a nice day outside however short enough for some sexy night life!! (all really depends on the shoes!) with ur body I think it fits wonderfully, however on a body like mine I think it'll be a bit too loose. So youre a lucky gal you cal pull off that look. I wish I could! It looks fabulous on you! Strut your stuff girl!! :tup::tup:
  6. I'm not a fan of the dress in general, but it certainly works on you! I think you have the body type to carry it off!!
  7. I think that dress is WAY adorable! how does the sizing fit? true to size?
  8. I like it. I would certainly work for your vacation.
  9. perfect for the beach or going out for the night. I think it looks adorable on you.
  10. I think it is very cute. I am thinking of ordering one..I would probably also wear it with a cardi and leggings in the fall, too, so it seems versatile.

    Can I ask what the style of your purse is? I love it and usually just get giant totes from gucci, not small going out bags.
  11. It looks comfy and I love comfy dresses! Perfect for summer! :smile:
  12. cute dress
  13. i like it..its pretty can be casual (with leggings or flats) or a night out (with heels)..its cute!
  14. I love it, its adorable and looks great on you. I'm eyeing up the blue one, I'm just a little worried about the length of it!
  15. i love it...looks good on you