My First LAMB!!!!

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  1. Ok, so I gave in and bought her off the internet, I just don't have the time to do the legwork to find one at Off 5th right now. I did however follow the links on their ebay listing to the regular online store where it was cheaper (no ebay fees). So, here's my first, coming soon:


    I love her, she's SOOOOOOOOO pretty!:yahoo:
  2. You are going to LOVE it!!!! :love: I just got one that arrived on Saturday and it has really been the highlight of my March!!!! And I've purposely been wearing red and green all week to really bring out the colors in the bag. Excellent first choice! :tup:
  3. Thanks :smile: I'm looking forward to her :happydance::happydance:, maybe I won't need to switch bags as much with all the lovely colors! I saw her at Off 5th around Xmas and didn't buy her and have really regretted it. I had to stretch the $$$$ to get her today, but I think I'll be so happy with her!
  4. Looks gorgeous!! Congrats on your first Lamb! :yahoo:
  5. congratsss!! the rasta print is such a fun color.. and montego shape is one of the best shape of lamb bag IMHO.. :tup:
  6. She's just so different from anything I have ( Gucci, LV, etc).....I needed a fun bag! And I think the colors will go summer or winter depending what I wear with her. Especially here, we don't really have 'winter', per se......
  7. congrats!! the rasta print is so fun...I'm sure you will love the bag!!:P
  8. congrats LewLew and welcome! You will love this bag, it is such a perfect shape for the rasta! :love:
  9. Congratulations! I know that feeling as I just got my first L.A.M.B. last week, and I just love carrying my new bag and "showing it off!"
  10. That is a rockin' first LAMB if I do say so myself! ;) :jammin:
  11. Congrats on your first LAMB! :yahoo:
  12. YAY LewLew! that's a great first LAMB!:tup:

    Welcome to the LAMB-madness! [​IMG]
  13. She's here!!!!:love:

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  14. wow! :drool:now your making me want one! I don't have any rasta yet, or a are you liking it?
  15. Oh she's gorgeous!!! I love the Rasta Montego and I know you will too! Congrats!