My First Lady Dior

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  1. I have many questions to think through before puchssing my first. 1. Mini or medium? 2. Do I get a black lambskin or any other colors for my first? 3. Or a diorama? Haha confused kid here.
  2. 1. medium or large
    2. have to try against ur skin colour
    3. depends on ur style. i would try both types of handbag in store.

    so my answer is...go to boutique and try stuff on.
  3. Thank you for your reply.. I'm just awaiting for the right time when my baby is above 6 mo I'll head down..thinkin of a Chanel or a Dior..I hv in mind the Chanel mini or a trapezio or a Dior. Im currently left with a Chanel old medium boy, Chanel m/l flap and a Chanel jumbo.
  4. 1. Mini or medium is fine, depending on what size suits you best. I personally like the look of the mini more because its proportions are adorable! And I love the option of a long chain strap.

    2. What colours do you prefer? If you already have a lot of black bags, then maybe it's time to get a different colour.

    3. I would get a Lady Dior first. It's Dior' iconic bag and won't be discontinued. I can't say the same for the Diorama, even though it is quite popular now.
  5. In the same boat as yours,confused kid
    I so like the micro canage diorama
    The lady dior i love the look of it but when i hold it in hand umm it doesnt do it for me,i just dont know and its so tough for me as i have saved like crazy for this.Anyways good luck deciding yours and keep us posted
  6. Thank you for replying..:smile: I was thinking a medium is more classic. Btw, if I were to buy it in September will the size in between mini and medium avail? If it's not, will the medium lady Dior comes with the new adjustable thick strap? I hv no idea what colors to choose. I have a black jumbo, a red m/l and an army green chevron boy.
    Is patent better than lambskin for a lady Dior? I saw some review it says lambskin gets dirty easily while patent can be wiped off? Aside, is buying from Singapore a wise choice? Thanks.
  7. Maybe head to Chanel? Since you've saved up hard enough you must get something you love..