My first lady dior, my lovely pink

  1. I just got a light pink lady Dior with champagne hardware!!!!! Super excited! Thought that I wanna hug it to sleep!!!!!!
  3. Ophelia, I love it! Did you hug it to sleep ??:p
  4. I totally missed this post from over a month ago! What a gorgeous Lady Dior! It's especially beautiful with the champagne gold hardware!
  5. I actually did!!! But not hugging it tho, worry my rough sleeping position spoil the beauty, so
    I put next to my bed. When i opened my eyes the next morning, it put a big smile on my face! Hahaha~ lol
  6. Gorgeous Lady Dior you ladies got there!! Love it soo much tooo..
  7. Do you think guys can use the Lady Dior bag in the large size?
  8. Congratulation! what a beautiful bag !
  9. Thanks all you guys.
  10. 2500 euros is for medium size rite? Are they having a size smaller than medium? Do u know the price point?
  11. Congrats on the pretty purchase... May i know what's the size of it?
  12. Yes, 2,500 for medium size. I don' t think they have a smaller size in this color.
  13. Thanks OP. How about other colors?
  14. Btw, do u hv any idea how much lady dior wallet is? TQ
  15. the colours available depend on stock in individual boutiques, some have colours from previous collections where others may not