My first lady dior, my lovely pink

  1. I just received it today, my first lady dior and I am falling in love with the color. New fuchsia autumn-winter 2012 with champagne hardware!!!
    The color is true hot pink without undertone.





  2. How lovely! Have you carried her out yet?
  3. I love pink !
  4. Not yet, just received it 2 hours ago. Hahaha.
  5. so pretty!!
  6. Thank you everybody.
  7. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  8. This is gorgeous! Love Lady Dior and this color. Great choice!
  9. J'adore!!! This colour (especially with the Champagne gold hardware) is to die for!
  10. Beautiful
  11. may i ask how much did u buy it? its so pretty. i love it... its all sold out in singapore :sad:
  12. Lovely Pink!!
  13. great choice!! congrats ;) may I ask if it comes with gold hardware? Thanks
  14. OMG!! its beautiful! congratulations and enjoy it!!
  15. Gorgeous! I love that the classic bags now come in such fun, popping colours - that pink is just to die for :loveeyes: