My First Lady Dior~ Im in <3

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  1. I have been searching all over the place for a fuschia/ sorbet Lady Dior with gold hardware. Ive called the Melbourne store, and the Brisbane store and was told all sold out and that I would not be able to find one anywhere else.

    So i left it off my mind. I thought about getting a grey one but i love gold hardware so i wanted something with GHW but not black. too many black bags! Then one day I was offered one of my HG bags from Chanel - not entirely HG but it was a gorgeous red color, silver hardware though and it was only made in silver. So I went to get some cash from the bank ready to head to Chanel. Then I walked pass Dior..... and OH - EMMMM - GEEE! Hot pink? :yahoo::woohoo:

    I thought I tried to walk in calmly but i think i ran in:woot: and asked to look at the bag straight away. Had a thought about it for 20 minutes. It was the last one there and I also had to purchase something else on top of it. So i got my first Dior Scarf (not pictured).

    And here it is... my gorgy!! Im so in love. I still havnt even checked if it is the sorbet color that was released recently but Im loving it! Im putting myself on a ban after this bag. I have purchased 7 other Chanel bags in the last 6 week. :sweatdrop: I must stop. Im running out of numbers with the bank :lol:

    Thank you for letting me share. :rolleyes:
    photo (8).JPG photo (5).JPG
  2. Congrats on your Lady Dior! It's such a pretty pink! :smile:
  3. Congrats on your Lady Dior! Enjoy your new bag:smile:
  4. it's gorgeous! not sure if it's sorbet because that was sold out quite quickly, looks more like the fuschia colour released recently, I believe for F/W 2012?
  5. TDF ! The pink is so rich and yummy. Enjoy
  6. Nice color! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Your bag is fabulous! The colour is really stunning!

    7 Chanel bags in the last 6 weeks?! I would never have enough money for that many in such a short period of time!
  8. Congrats! I love the hot pink! Mod shots, please! :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone. Will def be posting mod shots when I get the time to use her :smile:
  10. And I thought I was bad with 10 Chanel bags in 6 months last year lol!
    Congrats on your new Lady Dior! This season's fuchsia with GHW is one of the best combos I've seen. :biggrin: Care to show us pics of your Dior scarf as well? ;)
  11. Congrats on your score.
  12. Sure! I'm in bed at the moment ready to sleep. This is what I do before bed to sleep well- purse forum!!

    I'll take pictures of it and post them here tmr :smile: thank u
  13. Thank you eminere!
  14. Such a delicious bubblegummy colour. Congrats!:love:
  15. Heres picture of the scarf. Please disregard the background hehehe! The SA at dior tied a really cute bow on the Lady Dior. I'll try to resemble that one day :smile: