My first Kristin

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  1. I haven't seen much written on this bag, so I thought I would post some photos.

    I fell in love with this bag when I saw it at the Coach boutique. I love black leather bags, they are just so classy and make all occasion type bags for most of the year.

    I had been wanting a studded bag, but all the others I'd seen just hadn't felt right, they either had a "biker" feel to them, (and I'm far from that, LOL) or some were too studded or I just didn't like the arrangement of studs. But when I saw this one, I was smitten.

    The bag is black metallic leather and I had problems taking photos, because it's so glittery (in a subtle way tho). The flash was too much, so I tried it in natural light (dim unfortunately), and with indoor lighting which changed the color a tad. For reference...The bag is very black, with like steel and black studding & hardware.

    The Kristin Studded Leather Large Flap Hobo

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  2. Very nice.
  3. Most of the Studding is on the Flap, with just a little on the back.

    The first two photos below show the really black coloring which I love. The studding is very subtle.

    The last two photos show the back of the bag and the way it hangs as the true hobo that it is.

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  4. The bag is bigger than it looks so to give an idea on the size I took a photo with another bag I thought most people here could relate to, my small cherry Sabrina.

    As you can see the bag is a nice size and holds all my stuff with plenty of room. There are two magnetic snap closures, one closes the bag at the top and the other is behind the large Kristen clasp to hold the flap down.

    No modeling photos.. I'm too shy for that!

    The last photo is the tag which shows the bags info.

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  5. I love the shape of it and the stud detailing! I'm sure it looks even better on!
  6. beautiful bag!! I think I like it more in the black than the purple!!

    How does the leather feel - is it soft?
  7. Linda & Cupcake, thanks!

    I wish I had been able to capture the beauty of the black leather, but it was so hard to photograph because it kept reflecting the light. But I gave it my best, and hopefully the photos show what a nice hobo this is.
    Oh, and I love the size, not too big, but not small either.

  8. Thanks! The leather is very soft, and not at all flaky like some of the other metallic bags, feels like leather (smells like it too :biggrin: )
  9. Very pretty! Congrats :balloon:
  10. Oh I love this bag but it's more than what I could afford! :drool: Congratz! Out of curiosity, what kind of metallic leather is it? Is it a bit fabricky like it seems in pictures or is it like leather leather or crackled metallic leather?
  11. Oh she is so classy even the hang tag is studded....congrats!!
  12. Super pretty, I love the studs.
  13. That's gorgeous! And it looks like a perfect size, congrats! :woohoo:
  14. Wow! love the bag, what is the lining color and measurements on it. I am thinking about getting the crossbody or clutch with the PCE coming up. Great choice.

  15. Thanks! It feels very soft like leather, it's not fabric and it's not flaky. I have the purple Metallic Audrey and that feels weird with the flaky texture. The SA said this textured leather was new, and she called it something like Mother of Pearl.