My first Kooba!

  1. I just got a black Frankie off eBay for $160! I'm so excited - can't wait to see it!
  2. Good for you! Congrats!
  3. Thats GREAT! Please share your new bag w/ us once it arrives! :smile:
  4. Congrats! I have always liked the Frankie.
  5. I'll post a picture when I receive it! I was looking for a bag that's not too big. I'm one of those ladies who got scolded by my doctor for damaging my back with all those huge bags that are all the fashion now! Does anyone have a picture of a Frankie that they're modelling? I'd like to see how it hangs on someone.
  6. The Frankie is a gorgeous bag. Good choice. Post pics when she arrives.
  7. ooooh, ya never forget your first Kooba...and it probably won't be your last...
  8. After reading the thread about fakes, I'm kind of worried now! Any tips for spotting fake Frankies?
  9. Great deal, (if it's real), not sure the Frankie was copied much...
  10. Here's a link; just click on the close-up link & you can see it on a model. You got a great deal; enjoy!!!:tup:
  11. Congrats--post pics when you get her!!
  12. Congratulations. I love the Frankie and tried it on for size at Nordstrom a while ago. So great looking!!
  13. Congrats on your first Kooba! I've always liked the Frankie but I don't have one. I can't wait to see your pics when you receive it!
  14. Not many of us actually own Frankies, I think I am one of the few.

    The Frankie in bourbon was the very first Kooba I ever saw and I fell in love. I saw it on an auction on eBay and knew someday I had to own one. That particular Frankie sold for $400 and I just couldn't believe it! Suffice to say I bought one for less later on.

    While I do not carry her very often, I still love it for the details and funky design. Those two completely separate compartments are such a unique feature.

    She is a crook of the arm kind of bag and looks so great with jeans.
    Frankie-06-3.JPG Frankie-inside-2.JPG
  15. oo congrats!