My first Kooba!

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  1. i got my first kooba a few days ago but was too busy to take n post pics of it but here's a pic of it :smile: it's the carla in butter.

    btw, m looking for a good leather protectant cos it's a light colour, recommendations anyone? thanks a lot.
    Kooba 001resized.jpg
  2. enjoy your new kooba! it won't be your last!!!
  3. YUMMY!!

    Congrats on your Kooba purchase`

    I wish I can feel the leather in person. Looks so smooth and beautiful~
  4. Congratulations! Enjoy your new bag!!
  5. I have a Carla too that I use as my everyday bag! You will love it!

    I recommend the Coach leather cleaners...
  6. She's a beauty...enjoy!
  7. OH I though it would look more creamish, but it actually does look like a light yellow. I really like it!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats!
  9. Enjoy!!
  10. That is a gorgeous bag, enjoy it!:yahoo:
  11. very pretty!
  12. Congrats trevor! I'm sure you're lovin' your new Kooba!
  13. Very nice! The color is very summery.
  14. Ok Trevor, have you already got your second Kooba picked out? LOL
    Very nice bag....Enjoy!
  15. And your third and fourth? :p I love your bag!

    I also agree about using Coach leather care for your new baby. Enjoy!