My First Kooba!!!!

  1. :yahoo:

    I ordered the Kooba Ginger this morning. I am sooooo excited about it. I wish that I had upgraded the shipping.


    The most important thing is that it is "my price" (see my quote), totally appropriate for the spring and summer and it is metallic gold (my favorite color :graucho: ).

    I'll take a picture when I receive it.
  2. Congratulations! I wish Kooba would made more metallic bags. Can't wait to see pics when you get it!

    Don't you just hate the days that pass between ordering a new bag and receiving a new bag? It's like everything is in slow motion...!!!
  3. I will definitely take pictures of it when I receive it. I will also take a picture of that beautiful lilac suede interior. I doubt that I have ever owned a bag so luxurious and decadent! All of my bags are functional and not so much fun.
  4. Did you get it from the eLUX sale? If so, at least you got free shipping! I hope you enjoy it!
  5. I just saw those on sale at Saks Off 5th. They are really nice IRL. Congrats!
  6. Wonderful! I'm betting that you will love your new Kooba bag. (I sure love mine!) Please take pics for us to see how great it looks on you. Congratulations!
  7. Congratulations on your new Kooba!

    I have 3 now and love them all, the leather is wonderful and they are built like Mack trucks, made to last. *s
  8. I also saw this bag at Off Fifth - congrats on your Kooba, it won't be your last!
  9. Congrats!! It's really cute.
  10. Congrats!! I just love that gold color!
  11. Oh so pretty. The only metallics I have is the Metallic Army Scarlett and Sienna. I loved these Gingers but I stay away from light colored bags. Truly gorgeous though.
  12. ohhhhhhhhhh CONGRADS!!!! i wanted the ginger in gold SOOO badly but i had the ginger in chestnut already and i was about to get the CARLA in gold for a great price at the last SS in nyc so i jumped on it, but if i hadnt been able to get that i TOTALLY would have bought the ginger in gold!!!

    cant wait to see pics!
  13. Congrats! It looks beautiful. Now I'm being tempted by a Kooba.
  14. So, er. How much was it at Off 5th (not that we have one here anymore)? :p I am always about the better deal. I did get it on Eluxury and I used the Bonuspointsmall on my Amex.

    I am still excited about it. I have several of pairs of gold shoes that will be perfect with it!
  15. IRL...that bag is heavy, heavy, havy! Beautiful,, but a very heavy bag