My first Kooba purchase which is an Elisha!

  1. I'm soo very happy that I can finally post here. hehe. I finally bought my first Kooba when I went to South Coast Plaza a couple of weeks ago. My mom, aunt and I went to Saks and was awesome cuz the store was having a pre-sale. What sucked was that when a store has a pre-sale you can't bring what you bought home with you the day you buy it. You'll get it either by going back to the store the day they start to have the sale or you can ask to have it sent to you by fedex which is what we did. I ended up getting the Red Elisha bag. Can't remember the exact price of how much I got it for but I think it's somewhere around $350+.

    Anyways, I ended up getting it sometime last week. Can't remember what day tho. lol. Anyways, here it is:

    ^ the cute dustbag

    ^ the elisha bag itself!

    ^ and the kooba sign on the side

    I actually wasn't crazy about getting a red bag but I am sooo in love with the color! :yahoo:It's sooo beautiful. The red isn't really showing that good cuz I took the pic with a flash. lol.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS. There are many Elisha fans here. Your red looks FABULOUS and so soft. Enjoy!
  3. Don't you just love that red?!! I recently bought a red devin that I adore.
    Congratulations and enjoy it!
  4. Very sharp-looking bag! You will garner many many compliments!!
  5. That really is the most beautiful red!!:heart:

  6. congrats!!!
  7. Alot of us understand exactly what your Red Elisha leather is like because we have one too! LOL Isn't it a fabulous a rose petal that almsot looks suede like from afar. It's a Fabulous bag and you are going to love it as you use it. The leather wears very nice. I did spray mine with Wilson's Leather & suede protector to protect it a little more.
  8. Congrats, such a gorgeous bag!!!
  9. OMG! What a lucky girl you are! Such a great deal. Enjoy your bag and post modelling pics if you get the chance. :yes:
  10. CONGRATS!! I absolutely love my're never going to want to put her down!
  11. Awww thanx everyone! HuskyLover I saw the pics of your red devin and it is gorgeous! Yay for red. hehe. And jadejett I will post modeling pics soon!

    Yay! Now I'm in the club of fellow Elisha owners. hehe! :yahoo:And yes it's such a fabulous red. It's the most beautiful shade of red I've ever seen on a bag! I'm soo happy that it's my first Kooba and will certainly not be my last. lol. Oooh and thanx for the tip on the leather protector. May buy some to protect mine.
  12. It is gourgeous! I got a white Elisha from Saks a few days ago. Its so soft and feminine. For years I have pretty much been a diehard LV fan and am so glad to love a bag that is more reasonably priced! They are beautiful bags!!
  13. That's great. You really can have a nice quality attractive bag and not have to spend 1000+ on it. And even though you have to beware of fakes, if you use eBay, you can find some great prices. It's probably almost impossible to find many authentic LV's on ebay. I am just guessing because I don't have any LV's and can't authenticate them. Is that true?
  14. Beautiful bag and such a lovely color, enjoy it!
  15. Great bag and what a super color! Enjoy!!