My first Kooba (Jessie) and I am in tears! Is it broken or is this normal?

  1. I am in tears! I got my first Kooba (a Jessie in Bourbon) brand new from eBay, and once I opened the zipper, I found that I cant zip it back up. It zips to the middle and stops abruptly, no matter how hard I tug! Is this normal? What can I do?

    I am so freaking sad right now. And I already gave + feedback!
  2. I remember looking at a Kooba on eBay and the seller mentioning the zipper was a little hard to move...was this the same listing??
  3. Sigh....All these bad posts are really making me rethink my Kooba obession. Sounds like the quality is way down.
  4. I would spray some WD-40 with the tiny nozzle attachment into the zipper and teeth and it should move smoother...
  5. All 3 Jessies I have had had a sticky zipper. They did work out and now run smoothly. Mine was getting stuck half way also. And so did my girlfriends. The bag dips in the middle and seemed to impede the zipper a bit. I just ran clear unscented chapstick over the teeth and gently worked it over and over again. That zipper is a rough and tough zipper. Give it some time and help. If you think that's bad....try a Gryson. The Zippers are notoriously tight tight tight. But they too have worked out.
  6. Actually the quality is excellent...on Jessies anyway. You are going to find a glitch here or there on any designer bag. The zippers on Koobas are heavy quality zippers. The problem Kooba seems to have mostly is in some of the newer bags dyeing process. But this happens with other designs also. All in all Koobas are good well made bags. I've had dozens of Koobas and really have never had a fatal problem except for one Light colored Rose Meredith picking up too many scuff marks etc.
  7. try a little slicone spray...........
  8. My Jessies' zips stick when they reach the center of the bag, but only because the bags are fairly long and crease/dip in the middle, which makes it hard for the zips to slide along. I find it's a bag best opened by putting it down, so the bag is flat, then there's no problem zipping and unzipping.

    Can you move the zip at all or is it totally stuck, unable to move at all?
  9. Hello! Thank you guys so much for all of your advice. I ended up returning the bag because it was a huge headache, but I also bought two more Jessies, one in Khaki, and one in black (off of eBay) The zippers on these two Jessies work perfectly but Im just not as in love with the colors as I was with the bourbon! =l I hope I can find another bourbon Jessie! Anyhow, thanks again!
  10. Hey I once read that if you run a lead pencil up and down the zipper it makes kind of a 'coating' to make it slide easier. Give it a try it might help!
  11. Just got a bourbon Jessie on bluefly. It is the lambskin leather. Is it normal for the kooba plate to be a speckled brass? First Kooba purchase. Also, this is a gift for a 18 y/o. Will she like this kind of distressed leather look? Thanks so much
  12. Yes that is common on some of the models like the Sienna and Jessie,as these models are a few seasons old, and they aren't making them anymore. A lot of the gals don't mind it as it adds to the distressed looks. I only returned one back to NM because the sienna had it tarnished pretty badly.

  13. I have two Jessies, a raisin and a bourbon, and both zips stick midway because of how the bag dips in the middle.

    I sprayed some WD40 on my index finger (not on the bag) and rubbed it along the zip. It helped enough so now I do not notice.
    BourbonJessie-front.JPG RaisinJessie-front.JPG