My First Kooba - Ginger- Arrived!

  1. and it's gorgeous! I got it on eBay for $325 BIN and am thrilled! Christi helped me (the Kooba lady who wrote that forum) as did Lexie here to authenticate and it looks 100% authentic to me. I've never seen a fake, but the leather looks incredible and smells wondeful and it has all the Kooba trademarks. Anyway, it's gorgeous! I got it in black and can't wait to show it off! I'll try to post pix! thanks girls for all your help
  2. ok, here are pix. I had to take one of me in mirror so I look like a dorke...LOL!
    ginger.jpg ginger2.jpg
  3. It looks great on you! Congrats on such a beauty!
  4. Ginger looks wonderful on you, congratulations! (And you do not look like a dork).
  5. Congrats, nightbird, looks great on you, is the Ginger comfortable on the shoulder?
  6. Oh that leather looks divine!
  7. The Ginger looks lovely, congrats!

  8. Maggie, it's totally comfortable. Much more so than the Carla which weighed me down. I love how I can carry it both ways too. I saw a girl in the mall today with the Sienna- never saw it in person but it's gorgeous- chestnut color. I think that will be my next bag! thanks all for the complements :smile:
  9. Wow! You look mahvelous!!!!!