my first Kooba came today, I love it! pics :)

  1. I think this will be my favorite of all my purses, I just adore it and I think it's very "me." I am having a bad week, and today was especially crappy for me, but then I came home and this was at my door! It put me in such a good mood. And my Apple Garde arrived today, too, so I didn't have to wait an extra day or so to use it, I already treated it and it should be good to go tomorrow. :yahoo:

    This bag is just gorgeous, and now I fully understand the Kooba love. This is the suede Ginger in "camel," and it was an absolute steal (I saved almost $400 altogether). I am beyond pleased. This is my early birthday present to myself.

    Onto the pictures.


    (sorry, had to blur out my face, it was not a flattering picture)
  2. Beautifull!!!!
  3. Aww it looks so soft...

  4. Congrats on your first Kooba! So now you know, any time you're down, get a Kooba :smile:
  5. Beautiful bag and it looks great on you. Happy (early) Birthday!
  6. Gorgeous bag! Thanks for sharing and happy almost birthday!
  7. Thanks everyone! I still have almost a month to go until my birthday, but I can justify any purchase, haha.
  8. It is a beautiful bag and I must say, I love the suede. It looks wonderful on you, wear it with joy.
  9. Nice!!! Enjoy her. Happy early birthday!!!
  10. absolutely gorgeous!!! Really looks nice!! Congrats!
  11. congrats n enjoy. it definitely won't be your last. before joining this forum, i had never heard of kooba. after i got one, now i keep looking at them, trying to decide which will be my next one.
  12. You are certainly lucky to have that one! It's gorgeous!!
  13. It's still on sale, in case anyone is wondering. I got it from Revolve, and you can search around for codes to use. Oh, and they have super fast free shipping, too!

    Thanks again, everyone. I want to fill it up right now, but it's still pretty smelly from the Apple Garde. Hopefully the smell goes away soon.
  14. Congratsss! it is a beauty.

    Are those horse show ribbons i see in the background?? What divisions do you compete in? I'm a hunter turned jumper:yes:
  15. ^ Yup, they are horse show ribbons. Those are from some small hunter/jumper and dressage classes. I don't ride any longer, but I hope to again once I become financially stable and settle down. I miss it so much! :crybaby:But I just can't afford it right now, but my horse now belongs to a family friend (which is great), and I'm just focusing on finishing school and stuff.