My first Kooba. A black Charlie!

  1. I never visited this subforum before because I'm not too familiar with Kooba and to be honest I never loved any of the styles I have seen. But today I was shopping at a local boutique and I saw a gorgeous bag just sitting pretty on a rack. I loved it immediately. :heart: I am supposed to be on a shopping ban though. I picked it up and saw the boutique's price tag. It was the Kooba Charlie, $560 full price. (I didn't realize until I got home that suggested retail is $615.) I put it down because I was being good. But the owner told me everything in the store was %15 off and the side of the store I found Charlie in was 15% off plus and additional 50% off!!! I couldn't resist the deal and I bought her for $256.45 total. :yahoo:

    Then I came and looked this bag up on TPF. I'm scared to use her now after all the stuff I read about how Charlie scuffs up so easily. :sad: I took her out of her dust bag and on the underside of one of the flaps I gently scratched the leather. It didn't leave a mark. I did it 3 or 4 times and didn't see anything. I plan to spray some leather protector on her and buy some conditioner in case she scratches. I absolutely LOVE this bag. It's classic but not stuffy and the perfect size. I love that it can be worn as a satchel or over the shoulder. She's perfect for an everday black bag.

    Do any of you Charlie owners have any tips on keeping her looking good? Anything you have used that works of scuffs, dings and scratches?
  2. I don't have a Charlie, I just wanted to say Congrats! on your new Kooba! I honestly believe nobody does black leather (especially lambskin) like Kooba. Just remarkable stuff.

    Enjoy!! :yes:
  3. Congratulations on a fabulous deal! Most of the trouble people were having with Charlie's were the lighter colors. I don't recall much trouble with the black ones. If you check the threads you'll find a ton of info. on protectants. Some like Wilson's, some like Appleguard, and some like LMB. It's just a matter of opinion!
  4. lawchick, congrats on that black Charlie! I'm sure you'll have less trouble with a black one, won't mark so easily, any chance of some pics?:smile:
  5. lawchick, congratulations, that was a fantastic deal and yes, black is the easiest color to look after in the Charlie. Take the advice metioned above re cleaners and protectants and you can't go wrong. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  6. That is a GREAT deal! Don't worry about the black, you should be fine with it. I'm pretty hard on my bags and I've used my black Charlie a few times w/no big problems.

    Just enjoy it!
  7. I have a black Charlie as well and have had absolutely no problems at all. I didn't even protect it. And I got caught in the rain a few times with this bag, not a mark on her. So enjoy her without worrying. Great deal btw.
  8. What a great price. Go to and get some pump spray TLC leather/suede protectant. Spray it good, let it dry a couple hours, do it again. Then you can do one treatment a couple times per year. It really helps.
  9. Thanks guys. I really hope this bag turns out to be no-fuss! If I get my act together I'll post pics soon.