my first Kelly is a suple green

  1. Hi I just bought my first Kelly in Paris two days ago.
    I went inside the shop in fouburg st honorè and they showed me a Kelly with zip in blue marine. Rigid.
    Than the attendent said no way to find in Paris a kelly or birkin
    I told the attendant I was looking for a "formal" bag in a "casual" color.
    He went downstairs in the basement and came back with a Kelly 32 green pistache suple. "He sayd "here's a rock and roll purse!". I loved it as i sow it.
    Now, unfortunately I didn't ask him anything. I just know is chevre.
    I actually didn't even know there were differetn sizes of kelly. From the forum I've learnd i bough a suple.
    Inside the purse there isn't a "hermes card" (like the one chanel has) is that normal?
    Where should i put the locker?
    The purse is incredible!!
    What do you think?
    How do you clean a kelly bag?
  2. Congratulations, Costa!!!! Please post pics.....I'm dying to see!!!!
  3. Wow - congratulations on your Kelly! We'd love to see a picture and I've yet to see that color! Chevre is wonderful and durable - my favorite leather. Clean it with a soft, damp cloth and save any deep cleanings for the Hermes refurbishing dept. Don't put any products on it.
    Hermes bags don't come with any sort of security or authenticity card, like Prada or Chanel.
    Most people put the lock on the handle hardware and loop the clochette around the other side of the handle.
  4. Sweet little story! We want a picture of course....PLEASE share one. Congratulations.
  5. Congrats on your new bag. And no there is not an "authenticity card" for Hermes bags.

    On another note... this is one way to tell when fakes are being sold on ebay because the sellers say there is an "authenticity card."
  6. Amazing! Congrats on your new Kelly! Cannot wait to see pics!!!
  7. Me too!! I am dying to see pistache green - I adore green!! The blue marine sounds wondeful, too (wish there was a colour chart!).

    CONGRATULATIONS! (Looks like you broke throught the SA barrier!!!).:biggrin:
  8. Congrats! Pictures, PLEASE!
  9. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Please share if you have a chance.
  10. Welcome and congrats!! We need pics!!! Chevre is also my favorite...
  11. How lovely! Congratulations! I'd love to see pictures, too.
  12. Enjoy! Please share her with us through some pictures.
  13. congrats! can't wait to see the pics. sounds amazing.

    this is how I tie the lock. i do this double loop tie thing.

  14. Congrats to you! I'd love to see pics!
  15. Congrats!!!! I would love to see pics of your kelly. Pistache green sounds delicious!!