My first K

  1. Perfection - enjoy your beautiful new K!
  2. Thank you all! I'm so happy with her :smile:
  3. She's a beauty!!! Congratulations!:heart::heart::heart::yahoo:
  4. Congrats !! We're bag twins almost except my Kelly is a 28cm. The color is adorable.
  5. congrats on your gorgeous first K!!!
  6. Beautiful classic! Love it with the GHW!
  7. I missed the live reveal, but that bag is gorgeous! Will be easy to wear with pretty much everything. Congrats!
  8. Congrats with this chic Kelly!)
  9. Congrats with beautiful k32
  10. Gasp. I'm in love! I'm patiently waiting on the H gods to bestow a b30 in the same color combo upon me. Please post some mod shots!
  11. Stunning! Congrats Love Trench with GHW it is the perfect beige. Very similar to Chanel Beige which I love and now can have in Hermes
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  12. ️ Kelly trench
  13. Love love love this beauty! Congratulations
  14. So beautiful!!! I have her in a size smaller. Perfection!!
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