My first K

  1. Hi all, some of you may remember my post from the 'bag offers' thread but i went to the boutique today and came away with this :smile: anyone around? IMG_1497468898.977110.jpg
  2. Here; soooo ready!
  4. Here!
  5. Ohhhh a quick teaser! IMG_1497469386.757419.jpg
  6. wooo hooo!
  7. I am here!
  8. Trench
  9. Eeeek! So exciting :panic:
  10. Here she is! K32 in trench with ghw :smile: im in love!!!! IMG_1497470025.676849.jpg
  11. Gorgeous!! She's a stunner :loveeyes:
  12. So beautiful w GHW!
  13. Lovely color, congratulations!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Amazingly must be so excited!!!