My First JPG Birkin

  1. Hi tPFers! I just purchased my very first JPG Birkin in Chocolate Clemence. I had my heart set on a classic 35cm in the same color and leather. To my surprise, this weekend this JPG unexpectedly appeared. Not the classic 35cm, but it was the exact color and leather. So I just had to BUY IT before another client snatched it. I definitely had some doubts, but the SA assured me that it is definitely hipper, rarer (waiting list is closed), and lighter weight than the classic 35cm. Most importantly, it was designed to be worn on the shoulder. Ugh! I later learned that the classic 35cm could also work as a shoulder bag on me and it is slightly lighter weight too. :sad: I think it's pretty cute! If any JPG owners or Hermes addicts/experts are out there, feel free to chime in your thoughts!
    tpf-jpg birkin.jpg tpf-jpg birkin 2.jpg tpf-jpg birkin 3.jpg tpf-jpg birkin 4.jpg
  2. Love this bag! It is such a special piece, and it is a beautiful classic color. Definatly a keeper, ENJOY!
  3. It's gorgeous!!

    :woohoo: CONGRATULATIONS! :woohoo:
  4. How beautiful! Congratulations!
  5. Congratsssssss!
  6. It looks fabulous!! Congrats on your purchase!!
  7. congrats! Lovely bag!
  8. WOW... its a F-A-B colour!!

    So classic >> It will match most things in your wardrobe!

  9. Very cool! Congrats!
  10. Looks very good! Congrats:tup:
  11. congratulations..its gorgeous!!
  12. Congrats! I'm on the waitlist for a JPG Birkin, initially I was a little concern about the wide base but lots of ladies went for it and love it!

    Do tell us how you like yours!
  13. Congrats:tup: it is stunning:heart:
  14. Congratulations! It is a hard bag to find!
  15. That is a beautiful bag!! Congratulations!