My first job interview!

  1. Ok.. I'm a late starter for getting my first job ^^ (I am 21 atm) and I have my first job interview in this coming week. I currently applyed at Aeropostale ( I simply adore their clothes! I applied for a sales associate job for the season. I was wondering if any of you experienced gals could possible give out couple minutes of your time and perhaps give me some ideas on what I could possibly wear to this interview? ^^; Please check their website to see what kind of store they are if you don't know them. ^^

    I have an outfit in mind.. but I'm not sure if it's interview worthy? XD! I'm a bit shy so I won't be able to post up the picture of me wearing the outfit.. but if any of you lovely gals could take the time and I can possibly PM you the image and perhap critic me. ^^;;;

  2. I am the manager where I work, and it amazes me what people wear when trying to get a job. If I were you, I would probably stick to slacks, blazer and an Aeropostale cami or other simple nice shirt. Dark ballet flats or heels...

    you can pm and i'll let you know if i'd hire you based on your appearence :tup:
  3. Sending good luck and good vibes your way!!!!! Let us know it goes!
  4. Good luck with your interview! I agree with what doubtfulguest said about waring something a little more conservative. HTH
  5. ITA with doubtfulguest, you want to fit in with Aeropostale style but at the same time you should err on the side of looking dressier than what the current SAs in the store wear.

    Be prepared to answer questions like:
    - why do you want to work at Aeropostale? What do you like about the Aeropostale style/image?
    - how have you dealt with difficult people before? Example?
    - why do you believe we should hire you?

    They may not ask questions like that, but just in case. If you get asked a question that you can't think of an answer for, it's OK to say, "Hmmm, let me think about that for a minute" and then, take a moment to really think of something (the silence is OK, within reason) rather than blurting something out for the sake of saying something.

    Most importantly, be yourself and be confident! Good luck!!
  6. Thank you guys so much! ^^;

    You guys are awesomee!! :biggrin:
  7. Doubtfulguest has gave a really good outfit. Just wanted to wish you some luck! Just be confident and remember, you're dealing with people so be comfortable, open, and happy.
  8. Good luck with the interview! I have one myself tomorrow! Thanks for the tips balihai88. I'm definately going to use them. For your outfit monokuro, I agree with the others. Have you gotten your outfit together yet?
  9. Great advice! I would also be ready with a couple questions to ask the person who is interviewing up on the company, research, etc. That shows you made the effort to learn a little bit more and should be taken seriously as a candidate. sure to get a business card from everyone you meet with and send them a quick thank you that very same day, along with reiterating your interest!

    Good luck! :tup: