My first Jimmy Choo's

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  1. What do you think???

    .....i loooooove them......

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    choo.jpg choo2.jpg choo3.jpg choonpython.jpg
  2. Darelgirl i love them:P ! They look great on you!!! Congratulations:heart: !!!
  3. They look gorgeous on you sweetie! Very nice!
  4. thanks handbag addict and dancing_queen!!!:heart:
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy!
  6. very sexy on you!

  7. They are gorgeous!
  8. Hot!
  9. love them!!!!
  10. wow!!! so hot!
  11. HOly ****!!!!!!! Those are GORGEOUS!~!!!!!!!!! wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Very sexy!
  13. :nuts: They're gorgeous!!!!

    And you have great feet too!:flowers:

    I have to admit, i wouldn't want to wear them outside though, they're almost tooo beautiful...:love:
  14. Those are so sexy!
  15. They look totally hot on you - great shoes!!
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