My First Jimmy Choo Shoes Orchid

  1. So I won these shoes on eBay :smile:. I really love them and they are so comfortable. Now the problem is they are a bit too tight which I think it will be looser the more I wear them. For those who have Orchid boots, how have yours held up so far?



  2. You can have them stretched, or wear them around the house with heavy socks to help them on their way.
  3. Love these classic boots! They may stretch with wear, but I have a pair that I bought used and when I tried to stretch them the zipper gave out on one. I think since they have already been worn it may be difficult to have them stretched any more.

  4. Those look amazing!!! well done on winning! the back zip looks awesome!:smile:

    How much did you end up winning them for?
  5. Thank you! I got them for 70 Euros!