My first Jimmy choo reveal! Who's around

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  1. I just purchased my first two pair of jimmy choo pumps, all because I got addicted to a Korean drama recently!
    Who's around for a quick reveal?
  2. Some photos from the drama
  3. Here my reveals are


    Jimmy choo Abel in silver and gold ;D

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  4. Beautiful! I love Jimmy Choo shoes and yours are amazing!! Congratulations!
  5. lovely i love them both
  6. Lovely
  7. Congrats - they are beautiful! I've been a Choo girl for over 15 years :smile: They are so much more comfy than so many of my designer shoes.

    Enjoy - may they be the first of many!
  8. Cong! wanna see you wear it LOL
  9. So pretty and ladylike! Welcome to the world of Choo...I caught the bug years ago, lol!
  10. They are both amazing!! wich dram are you talking about? maybe "My love from another star?" I have hear that it is an amazing dram full of fashion!!

    talking about the shoes I love this new model Abel, classy like the Annouks but more comfortable!
    welcome to the world of Choo! I own 4 pairs and I really love this brand!
  11. absolutely stunning :smile: congrats
  12. gorgeous
  13. lovely :smile:
  14. Your shoes look fantastic! Congrats!!
  15. So pretty! Congrats!