my first Jimmy Choo bag

  1. This week was my birthday and I didn't really have anything I wanted. My friend MJ told me about this purse forum and she has an obsession with expensive purses. I had a few expensive purses here and there - meaning all around $100. I had a Gucci when I was in my teens - I didn't really know it was fancy and gave it away in college. Oops!

    Fast forward to today - my only real obsession has been expensive shoes. But MJ must be rubbing off on me because I went into Jimmy Choo last week and decided I wanted the Ciggy clutch. I thought I would sleep on it and when I woke up - I wanted it even more.

    So my husband said "Go get it! It's your birthday!" and I was off to meet MJ and buy my most expensive purse to date.

    Here is my awesome silver Ciggy - hold that thought - I have no idea how to post images!
  2. Can't wait to see pics...:whistle::popcorn:
  3. Here it is - my new Ciggy:
    SJP_8184.jpg SJP_8188.jpg SJP_8191.jpg SJP_8197.jpg
  4. Looks the silver.
  5. Just beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your first Choo!
  6. Great choice! Congrats & enjoy!
  7. Welcome! And what a cute clutch! Happy Birthday also.
  8. Cheers! :drinkup:Lovely! I want to see modelling pics - I wonder how big (or small) it is! :yes:
  9. Welcome to the world of Choo! Happy Birthday. Your new Ciggy is fabulous. I have the red watersnake version and have used it several times. It is perfect for the bare essentials when going out.
  10. Oh thats really cute!
  11. Very nice. Welcome to the Forum!:flowers:
  12. What a cutie! Congrats, I am a Choo newbie too!
  13. That's beautiful! Congratulations! And welcome!
  14. SO pretty! What a perfect evening bag! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!! :tup:

    I think the Ciggy is my favorite clutch, and one of these days when Jburgh is off on her next sub-zero Choo vacation I do believe I may very well break into her house and steal her burgundy snake Ciggy! :girlsigh:
  15. Tucker and Albert would knock you down and lick you all over so much that you would stick to the floor. The Corgi answer to a spiderweb!