My first JC

  1. Hi! Can anyone tell me where I could get JC bags aside from the JC website? Especially old models and hard to find colors?

    I've been trying to look for the Mahala in Electric Blue..or the Maddy in Red :yes:TIA!
  2. Hi Mischa & Welcome!!!

    Last time I checked the JC Web there was an electric blue maddy:drool: not a mahala :sad:..... the red one is not been made/sold anymore. Unless you find one on eBay that is authentic ... now that's a mision impossible.... lol...

    here is the LINK
  3. Thanks Gris!! I love the electric blue color..I think it has hypnotized me!:biggrin: I keep imagining myself at night carrying this bag. *Sigh*

    Wish me luck! :smile:
  4. ^ good luck!! and GREAT choice:tup: ... I :heart: my blue mahala & you will :heart: your maddy!!!

    Can't wait to see pics!!:wlae:
  5. The J Choo boutique in Las Vegas in the Venitian had a blue Mahala a couple of weeks ago. CALL THEM!!! 702-733-1802.
  6. ^ I cant believe you returned your Jmcadon... she is beautiful and such a HAPPY colour
  7. It was just too big a bag for me! I ended up getting the electric blue Marin and even that is big, but it is flat so it fits under my arm...but I must say yours looks great on you! Do you ever carry the purple one? I love that one, too!:yahoo:
  8. Yes - I carry the purple all the time which I have to take for a repair the handle is a little bent .. I do not even know if it can be fix.

    Can you see? I think my stupid BF put something on top of her, cuz the other day I was screaming at him for putting my Maddy on the floor and trowing his big stack of CDs on top of her...:cursing:
  9. Thanks jmcadon! Unfortunately, I'm not from the US so I would have to settle for online shopping but I will be there in November..can't wait for the sale!:graucho:

    So is the only difference between the Maddy and Mahala is the size?
  10. Yes, Maddy is a smaller Mahala. The same is true for Ramona/Riki...Riki being smaller. That's one thing I love about J Choo...they do that in alot of their heel heights as well on their shoes.
  11. Was that your purple Mahala on e-bay yesterday? Are you selling it? Why???????
  12. no it was not mine is my sisters ..... she bought it right after me and shes selling it for personal reasons - eBay removed her listing cuz she was charging 2 much for shipping.... lol .... i told her!!! ....
  13. Oh, I'm glad to hear you are not selling. I have thought of selling some of my older J Choo bags and I just can't do it!
  14. Yeah I know what you mean!!! I felt like that when I sold my Radiant :crybaby: - and is how I feel about Marcia:sad:.