My first JC

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  1. I went out today just browsing and bought my first JC purse. I love all the purses, so I knew the brand would be my next purse purchase, but didn't expect it to be today. I got a black Malena. I love it and couldn't resist, although I may keep it in the closet for a while. I was in desperate need of a nice black purse, but I'm sure I'll use it mostly in fall/winter. Besides, I bought a Paddington not long ago and am not sure dh is ready to see another new purse. Does anyone here have the Malena? There doesn't seem to be any mention of it on this board, I hope I made the right choice. I almost got the Ramona but decided I could use something a bit more structured.
  2. Where the modeling pics???? C'mon pics pics pics
  3. I love the Malena!
    I think it comes in two sizes with the larger size being quite big and the other size I think a perfect handbag size.
    I've seen it in the plum liquid patent and it was stunning!!! Absoutely gorgeous bag!

    Try doing a search, I think I've seen some postings on that style.
  4. Welcome just beth and congrats! :flowers:

    The Malena is my favorite new Jimmy Choo bag for fall. It looks gorgeous in the pics. I've had my eye on the cognac brown version. We'd all love to see yours.

    Enjoy your new bag!
    Malena cognac.jpg
  5. Congratulations just beth. I love the Malena! It is a really classy ladylike bag .You won't see alot of posts about the bag yet because it is so new. Would love to see pictures of yours.
  6. Thanks, ladies. I will take some pics, although I'll have to wait until I can sneak it out of the closet. ;) I LOVE the Cognac color too, and that would have been my first choice if I didn't already have quite a few brown bags and not a single nice black bag. I do like the black color much more in person than it comes across in pics.
  7. Congrats! :tup: I also bought my first JC about a week ago - received it on Wednesday - and I LOVE that bag! I think you made an excellent choice, and I think that bag won't be your last&only Choo... :wlae: I know I'll get my second later this fall or earlier... :yes:
  8. Very pretty bag. I love the hardware on this series of Jimmy Choo!
  9. Congratulations and Enjoy! The Malena is a Gorgeous bag and what a wonderful bag to start off your Jimmy :choochoo: collection:wlae:

    I am anxious to see photos of you and your new girl:yahoo:
  10. I've not seen it IRL yet, so modelling pics would be greatly appreciated. Congrats, gorgeous bag, great choice.
  11. Congrats Beth. Please post pics. =)
  12. Congrats!:smile:
  13. congrats! ;)
  14. congratulations.. please post pics!!