My First JC and Ferragamo's ~ woohoo ~

  1. Last week, I "thought" I had gotten an awesome deal on my first pair of Jimmy Choo's for 179. Then Saks sent me a Cancellation Order the next morning. I was soo bummed. :tdown:

    About two days ago, The JC's were back in stock. I repurchased the JC's along with the Ferragamo slingback's and then noticed the $50 price difference for my JC's. I called Saks and was immediately credited the difference.

    :yahoo: i can't wait to get my pumps! :yahoo:



    ohmigosh... i can't wait :graucho:
    JimmyChoo.jpg Ferragamo.jpg
  2. woohoo! congrats!!
  3. Congrats, great JCs! So classic and simple!