my first jana feifer bags!

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  1. So i was not familiar with jana feifer until today, in west hollywood, when i showed up for a sample sale which was supposed to be amo $ bretti cashmere sweater sale, i saw this little stand with bunch of super cute bags! The salesperson told me they were jana feifer, a designer whose bags r sold at places like kitson and nordstrom for couple hundred. The best part was, at the sample sale...ALL bags where $40 each! including some which were crocodile embossed! I picked up two adorable bags. ( i did not know of the designer at the spot, so i felt a little sketchy and suppressed my urge of picking up a bunch) When i came home and checked on the internet...seems like the brand is actually quite popular.. And cost a lot more $$$ than what i paid for! So just felt like i had to share the fruits of my success of such a killer deal with you guys!=)
    The first bag is gold metallic italian lambskin hobo with flower suede stencill over it.
    second bag is just a big green leather bag but with adorable little pocket with gold opening (forgot wut they r called)
  2. really cute bags!!! awesome find...I really love the one with the pocket!!
  3. the stencil one is so pretty! great find and congrats on the new bags
  4. Oooh, I've never heard of this brand before, I like them!! Thanks for the links!

    Congrats on your pretty bags ;)
  5. Nice bags at a grrrrrrrreat price!
  6. after talking to my friends i found out jana feifer got famous for the original "initial" bags...remember those? bright colors with initial on the bag.... i wasnt a big fan of those, though i did think the douffle bags were cute.
  7. Nice colors looks very clean!
  8. Never heard of them either. Nice.
  9. I love those. Nice find!
  10. [​IMG]i like this one on ebay -its sequin not mesh the mesh i didn't like