My First IWC Watch!


Finer Things 'r Good
Sep 5, 2007
I've been looking at IWC watches for years and it's been my dream to own at least a piece of beauty from this fantastic watch manufacturer. Today I finally pulled the trigger and acquired my very first IWC time piece, the Mark XVI. I am loving it to death and its beauty just keep growing on me. I think the size is just perfect, not too large nor too small. My daily wear is a 36mm Seamaster, a little small for today's trend but I am very happy with it. A 3mm increase is barely noticeable but I do like the look of the Mark XVI on my wrist. I find the alligator strap slightly thin but it looks great with the watch. I can't justify paying so much premium for the steel bracelet which I've heard nothing but praises. I'll just keep replacing the strap every year or two :smile: