My first item for sale, Kate Spade Bus. Card Case

  1. I listed my unused Kate Spade bus. card case last weekend. It's still not reached reserve and I won't sell til it does, probably.

    I logged in to check it tonight and the winning bidder has 57% feedback and apparently doesn't pay for things or respond. I did list in the auction that if I don't have payment within 48 hours the item is re-listed, but what happens if this bad-feedback bidder wins my auction and never pays? Then what recourse do I have since it costs a lot to list things again?
  2. You can go to your selling preferences and block anyone who has had 2 or more non-paying strikes and this may eliminate this buyer.
    Also - if the buyer doesn't pay then you file a non-paying bidder and eBay will refund your fees for that item.
  3. Ah hah! Thanks! I went in to the prefs and blocked this person AND cancelled their bid based on the history.

    Thank you!
  4. Dang. I had to relist bec my reserve was not met (by 10$) I lowered my BIN to just 99¢ over reserve. I hope it sells this time.
  5. LOL - maybe your high bidder will see that and think 'dang - just missed it by 99 cents' ;)
  6. LOL she was still 10 bucks below reserve but maybe!