*My First Inges* Glossy Ink Blue Mini Ormala*

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  1. :yahoo:My Glossy Ink Blue Mini Ormala has arrived:yahoo:
    I ordered this from AsterAlice. As much fun as the bespoking process is...it takes so long ...and I got impatient!

    It arrived cutely packaged, wrapped in plastic then tissue paper and a cute ribon. It could have used some packing material in the box, it definitely had more room than I'd like to move around.

    Ta da ...here she is!!

    I LOVE...LOVE....LOVE the color!!!!

    Here she has her stuffing removed!

    All the pics are taken in fluorescent office lighting.

    I'll get additional pics later...my battery died!
  2. Congrats, the mini O is really a perfect bag!
  3. Oooh congrats! She is lovely! That color is so striking. :drool:
  4. Such a beautiful color! Congratulations on your first Ignes!
  5. Such a gorgeous color! Can we beg for modeling pics?
  6. Is she very smooshy in a Mini-O? I love this color :biggrin:
  7. It looks perfect!
  8. Beautiful Mini Ormala, my favorite!

  9. Congrats! I love love love the color :nuts: She is simply stunning.
  10. She's a beauty! Congrats!
  11. OMG Kitty....that is such a gorgeous Mini-O.....I kept staring at that on the AA site, but it is more gorgeous than I ever imagined. Congrats on your first Ignes!
  12. congrats it is so beautiful... and this colour is so special!
  13. Ooh, congrats!! That colour really is amazing... :drool:
  14. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  15. *sigh* *shakes fist at glossy ink blue* That color is giving me second thoughts on my future Ignes bags! I hate it when I flip-flop.