My first in-store purchase! Aqua 07 GH city!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm very excited. Last night I went to NM at Garden State Plaza in Paramus and purchased myself the aqua 07 GH! :yahoo: I have to say the gold hardware is growing on me -- it looks amazing against the color. I'm still not sure if this bag is too bright for me ... I just want to make sure I pick the right bag since I am spending a significant amount of money on it. I didn't see any anthracite there, but I think I'll call in and ask.

    Anyway, I do have some pictures. Please forgive my pajamas shot -- I know it's very unglamourous. I have a vacation in a week to Florida so I will be taking my new bag (hopefully if I decide not to return it). This purchase is justified anyway since my boyfriend just purchased his new toy -- a 61" TV. :sweatdrop:

    Let me know what you guys think. I fell in love with the antracite city in one of the picture threads -- but I'm not sure how that color will look on me. I don't want one that's too green -- rather one that's more off-black.

    Here's my new bag! And you're right -- it IS very hard to capture the real color on camera!

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  2. Its beautiful!!! aquamarine with the gold is my fav. combo!!! enjoy her
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
    NEEDS TO BE BIG!!!!:heart:
  5. beautiful. aqua and GH is my fave combo.
  6. Beautiful!
    The GH is growing on me too! It looks great with the Aqua!
  7. Wow!! :nuts: What a combo!! It's gorgeous ~ Congrats!! :yahoo:
  8. congrats, its great! Acqua is such a great color. The gh is a good match to it too!
  9. What a great choice for your first in-store purchase! Love the aqua GH combination! Many congrats:yahoo:
  10. Congrats, beautiful bag, the GH looks beautiful with Aqua, wish I could see irl!!!!!!
  11. [​IMG]

    Congrats:yahoo::yahoo:Ur aqua bag is GORGEOUS....:heart::heart:
  12. Nice S/S bag. Congrats.:yahoo:
  13. *gasp* that is pretty.... those little veins make the bag looks like as if there's water flowing on it.. congrats! :biggrin:
  14. :drool: Gorgeous!
  15. In the 2nd picture you captured the color perfectly on my monitor! It's gorgeous and I absolutely loves my Aqua too!

    I also don't think it's too bright on you. It looks darker indoors and the color compliments the leather very well! It just pops!