My first Ignes, help please!

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have been on the Ignes site about 30 times since this Friday, I keep on changing my mind. First it was the Carla, then Sofia and now I am pretty positive it is Gabrielle.
    I have decided on the tinted chocolate. I also requested longer handles, does anyone have longer handles on their Gabi? I would like to be able to put the handles on my shoulder. I am just a tiny bit afraid that it will not look good, what do you think?
    I am also unsure about the lining, at first I was going with the fabric lining but then I started reading everyones great reviews about the suede. What color suede would you recommend for the tinted chocolate?
  2. Welcome - it's pretty cool to be able to custom design the bags, but it can be confusing - it took me forever I swear! So, I don't have a Gaby, but I think making short handles long enough to put on your shoulder might compromise the design and you might want to just use the longer straps to carry the bag on your shoulder -that cool knotted strap is actually one of my favorite parts on that bag - I think that style might be my next Ignes! Email Ignacio and he can help you - you can live chat with him on the website sometimes as well.
  3. Welcome! It took me so long to decide on my bag. I have the suede lining and it is fabulous! It is soooo soft.

    It is so hard to decide on Ignes bags because there are so many wonderful choices. I spent a lot of time reviewing the threads and looking at pictures of everyone's bags. I think they are all neatly organized as stickys now, so that may make it easier.

    Good luck with your decision. I don't really think you can go wrong - his leathers are beautiful.
  4. Welcome! In the New to Ignes thread, it is still on page one and pretty long, there are photos of modified drops on the Gaby bag. I think Loquita also posted a thread on changing the drop and a few photos were there. The little handheld handles are the ones you want to lengthen or the the main strap? The knotted strap should be fine on your shoulder as is. I'm with Suzzeee- I don't know that modifying the handheld straps would be a super idea b/c of the size of the bag and they way it is made. However, I do not own one.

    I like the idea of a blue or aqua interior w/ brown!
  5. Thank you ladies, I will check some of the threads.
    Elizat-I was thinking about the handheld handles not the main strap and I really love your idea about the blue or aqua interior!
    Off to look at the handles and linings!
  6. ITA on not wanting to lengthen the handles and compromising the design. Some bags, such as Chiara, have longer handles that go on the shoulder wonderfully. The Gabrielle, though, wasn't designed to be carried that way. Ignacio could tell you for sure how well it would work, though.
  7. Sounds like you're having fun. I agree that asking Ignacio about lengthening the straps on Gabrielle is the way to go.
  8. Hi kingak!
    if you want a shoulder bag...maybe the chiara would be better? I am with the other girls, If you change so drastically the drop, it will change a lot the design. I have a gaby, and for myself, I used it usally handheld, or if the moment comes, with the knotted shoulder strap. I must say that for a everyday bag I find more comfortable any of my other Ignes ( midisofia, miniormala.. I would love to have a chiara, but I cannot afford so many Ignes rigth now). Sorry if my opinion mess you even more with your decision.
    The tinted chocolate is GORGEOUS! Is so soft an pettable... I have the Josie in this leather and is TDF!
    For lining, go for suede, sure... I would like gold is you are more conservative or ligth blue for a different interior.
    wow, have writed quite long, sorry. Hope it would help you. :smile:
  9. Welcome!!

    To be honest, I have three gabys, but would not buy another. I think it is a model that looks gorgeous, but looks like crap on me. The shape is just wrong for me. Like the JC ayse. some can carry it off, but the banana boat-bottom shape looks odd on me. I would look at the modeling pics and see what you think.

    I think making the handles longer would defeat the purpose of the longer strap so I am not sure if this is the bag for you.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that, Lionlaw. Your 3 Gabys are so gorgeous!! I always thought they looked good on you....but it's how you feel in them that matters.
  11. Hello Ladies,
    Thank you so much for your opinions.
    I decided to go with a Sofia after all.
    I think this will be more practical for me and since it already has a great shoulder drop I don't have to lenghten it.
    Once again thank you!
  12. the sofia would be a great everyday bag. It will fit all your stuff, and it is very comfy! and in tinted chocolate ...ummm delicious, and so slouchy. good election!
    have you decided about lining and harware?
  13. Midi or Mini or full size? It's a gorgeous bag!!!! Congrats on your decision!
  14. I am going for the full size, since I carry tons of stuff!
    I am going with gold hardware and lilac fabric lining and I am substituting the flat handles for the rolled ones.
    Just one more question, does anyone own a full size Sofia in a tinted leather? Is it heavy?
  15. That sounds like it will be a very pretty bag! I love the rolled handles too.