My first HH arrived!!!

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  1. OMG!! :yahoo:

    My first HH just arrived!!! I am so excited! It is an Olive Inka.

    It is such a nice bag. I can't believe how nice it is! I will definately be getting more HH bags....but I don't know if this one is for me. I have to think about it a little bit. I'm not sure I like the style. I love the leather and craftmanship but the clip on the front seems a bit cumbersome to me (which is one of the main features of the bag :p).

    I also had a great eBay experience (which I'm going to post about in the eBay forum)! I bought from adoptastray and she went above and beyond and mailed the bag super fast and even added insurance (when I didn't add it on myself) and she sent along an extra tassel and a very nice note too. I am very impressed!

    Thanks everyone and I've off to oogle (and smell - did I mention how good it smells!) my new bag....

  2. CONGRATS! it seems there's been some bad eBay karma out there lately for tPF members, so it's so nice to hear about a stellar transaction!

    Re the cumbersome clip on your Inka - here are words from the mouth of Ben Harnett!:

    "The clip caught us by surprise. It is tricky to hook and unhook. Toni designed the bag with the idea of having the clip mainly as a decorative feature. The opening is broad enough, and the slack on the clip loose enough, to take out your cell-phone and wallet while leaving the clip closed."

    he posted this on the forum this morning in response to indiaink's comment about the clip cumbersomeness.
  3. Congrats! Here's to a new addiction to HH! Gosh, I am so in love with this brand...the leather and styles are nicer than a lot of the higher end bags out there even! :yes: Enjoy!
  4. I've tried looking on the HH website but I didn't see the forum....can anyone join?
  5. Yay for the Inka!

    You can always do what I do, and never use the clip - I just let is hang down as 'decoration'. The ring on the flap is heavy enough to keep the bag closed, as you already know - . I have made a suggestion to Ben Harnett (his response to me was what jandelvis posted above) and we'll see where that goes...

    It is so cool to be able to communicate with the designers of your favorite handbag!

    Inkas are my bag. I'm sure that will change when HH comes out with their Fall line - if you go to their new forum (address in my signature) you can read about the yummy colors they'll have, and the names of some of the new bag style -

  6. Congrats on your first HH bag -- I know what you mean about being amazed by the leather and details the first time you get one. I understand your hesitation about the clip and decided against the Inka for that reason. But there are plenty of other great styles, including the Havana Hobo, which is my "go to" bag right now.
  7. I just received my Inka yesterday and love it. I can see how the clip may bother some people but it does not bother me at all. Right now the Inka is my favorite bag :smile:
  8. Let us know what you decide to do about the bag!!!
  9. After much debating...I don't think this is the bag for me. I love the color, the feel, the smell....but just not the design. I would love a HH olive bag in another design which is what I'll be watching for.

    I think I prefer bag w/ a wider opening.....the search continues (which isin't so bad since I get to shop!!!)....

    Thanks for all the advice!