My first hermes :)

  1. so.. i was about to purchase paris-bombay in ostrich.. when my friend called me from paris telling me that she found a kelly gold 32cm for me :smile:

    i liked the bombay bag especially the ostrich however, i think it was too small for me.. i received the kelly and i just took a picture of it.. what do u guys think?? :yahoo:
  2. I love it! Beautiful and classic - enjoy it!!
  3. I love it. My Kelly looks just like it. Congratulations.
  4. PL - What kind of leather? It's beautiful!
  5. WOW! It's beautiful and such a classic piece!
  6. Wow, that is gorgeous:love:
  7. What a girlfriend!!!

    That was it...enjoy it!!!

    It is gorgeous.
  8. You have one fabulous Kelly in a classic color! Enjoy & congrats!
  9. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a long Hermes journey for you, I see you having many more in the future.
  10. Looks like mine too! Congrats on your first hermes!
  11. Congrats, It is beautiful!:flowers:
  12. Beautiful!!!! Is it Togo leather???? I love the contrast white stitching....this is a beautiful bag which you will use a LOT!!!!! I think if it's your first Hermes bag you've made the right can always get the PB later!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Wear her well!!!!!
  13. it looks gorgeous!! ;)
    but what really should matter is whether or not you are excited about it? :biggrin:
  14. Very Very VEry nice!! Congratulations! LOOOOve it! :yes::tender:
  15. I love my new bag, i wokeup early this morning just to show off my bag in the nearest mall :smile: LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! and you're right hermesgroupie.. its just the begining.. i'm already looking for a 35cm birkin and a JPG birkin :smile:
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