my first hermes

  1. i just got my first hermes bag and wallet. i have been loving the lindy for a while and am frequently on the bottega sub.
    yesterday i went into the nyc store and asked to see the victoria and it was love.
    i have been looking at the dogon for a while also. although i had considered the victoria i didn't do a lot of research on it because i didn't expect to make a purchase. so any info you all can share would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much.
    dogon resized.jpg victoria, dogon,resized.jpg victoria, dogon,elephant resized.jpg
  2. Congrats!! The victoria is a great bag! and the dogon is just lovely!
  3. Love the dogon wallet .congratulations
  4. Congratulations:yahoo:
  5. The Victoria Fourre Tout ( translates as 'carry all' ) is a new version of the classic Victoria range of luggage - hence the luggage label and is nice and squishy! I envy you tremendously. Currently available in limited colours and leathers but there are some other pictures of thsi bag in the reference section.
  6. Lovely! THe colour of the Dogon is fabulous! Is that Rouge H?
  7. Nice new stuff!!! Isn't the victoria smooshy and soft!
  8. Love them both! Congrats on your first H!
  9. Congrats!!! So glad you came over to the orange side too. :yahoo:
  10. thank you all so much for the good wishes and congrats.
    the victoria so wonderfully soft-i can't stop looking at her.
    the dogon is rose garance.
    once again thanks so much.
  11. victoria is a great bag and i love the dogon wallet! welcome to the orange side!
  12. lovely goods, the Victoria looks such a great bag, welcome to the orange side!
  13. Love the dogon as well! Been meaning to get one of these to match my bags. Congrats!
  14. Beautiful choices! Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous!