My first Hermes!

  1. Here it is!:yahoo:My wallet in raisin color/togo leather, I'm hooked, it is sooo beautiful :yahoo:
  2. She's a beaute!!! :heart:
  3. Congratulations!!! A very wise choice! A timeless, lush colour and a hardy leather.
    As someone here once said: You have crossed the Rubicon. There is no way back.
    Welcome to the orange side!!!
  4. Congrats Lucy! I have the same wallet in togo/orange. I love it, I know you will enjoy carrying it. The raisin is a gorgeous color!!!
  5. What a beauty!! Congratulations!!
  6. Thank you guys! This is me right now :lol: Very happy
  7. congrats!! ;)
  8. Congrats, it's so beautiful
  9. Oh I love the colour! congratulations on your first Hermes purchase, I think mines will be a few years away yet! hahaha
  10. love the dogon, and the color is so nice! congrats!!!
  11. What a beautiful choice! Congratulations and enjoy it!
  12. Congratulations!!!!
  13. Glorious! Congratulations!
  14. gorgeous gorgeous. yay for you!!!
    which size is it?
    i'm extremely enamored with the smaller dogon wallet/purses.
  15. Congrats, :tup:Lucywife, i love to see everyones first H purchases. Its a beautiful colour. Well done.:drool: