My first Hermes!

  1. This is my first post in the Hermes forum! Hello everyone from the orange side! I'm not new to tpf, but mostly spend time in the LV forum.

    Over the weekend, I went to Rodeo Dr. with the intent of hitting LV, since they had a bag that I wanted to look at. But I ended up going in Hermes...just to check it out...and I walked out with two twillies!:nuts: My very 1st Hermes purchase!!!!:yahoo: I can already tell that this is a slippery slope! I've got a SA looking for something for me already! Anyway, just wanted to share my new twillies with you. I have no idea what the actual names of them are, but if any of you know...could you please tell me?

    H twillies 01.JPG H twillies 02.JPG H twillies 03.JPG H twillies 04.JPG H twillies 05.JPG
  2. Here's one more of the cherry twilly on my new LV Bedford.
    LV Pomme Bedford-hermes.JPG
  3. HI LA - you're right it's a slippery slope indeed. Your first twilly is called red berries and I can't tell you about the other but :welcome:
  4. Welcome, they're called Berries and Cles.
  5. Both are gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your first purchases!
  6. How lovely, 2 great choices, congratulations. Welcome to the orange side, there's no going back now.
  7. my favourite twillies~
    welcome to orange side!
  8. I'm scared.:sweatdrop:
  9. WELCOME to the........muuuaaaahhhhaaaaa.....Orange side, LA!!!! It's nice to have you here! Yes, it's a slippery, slippery slope but it's GREAT FUN and you'll be with a bunch of fantastic ladies over here. We're all in the same boat.......
  10. congrats. love H twillys and scarfs. I got a cles too for my first H purchase. they are adorable.
  11. lovely.congrats.welcome;)
  12. No need to be scared:graucho:.. Orange is a good thing. Your Twillys are lovely. Congrats and welcome..
  13. they're both so cute! and the cherries looks perfect on the bedford! i even love the boxes! welcome to the orange side!
  14. You have excellent taste! Enjoy them.
  15. OMG!!! Those twillies are so pretty!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: