My First Hermes!!

  1. I have finally ordered my first "new" item ..a ulysse in raisin.. I can't wait to get it....The only other thing I have is a twilly..which I tie on my speedy:shame:
    I think I finally know know what H bag I need now..after seeing harleyNemmas raisin bolide..I know I have to have so gorgeous!!:love:
    I also think I want a bearn in turquoise..the only question I have there a smaller one ( that is more square)? I only ask because 1. I'm used to carrying a "square" wallet" and 2. I have one of those japanese H catalogs and They have a pic of what looks like a bearn but with smaller proportions...:hysteric:( I just picked this one 'cause it's cute!!)
  2. Yay! Your Ulysse sounds gorgeous! The Plume is such a beautiful bag and would be great in Raisin.
  3. That is awesome and what a great feeling to have your first Hermes.. Congrats to you and enjoy....
  4. Congrats on your first Hermes! Must be a great feeling (still waiting for it myself...) :smile:

  5. Congratulations Clinkenwar! And it's so nice to have you in the Hermes subforum! You were one of my favorites when we were all back in one single big forum.
  6. Congrats on your Ulysse! You should post pics later, I bet it looks great in Raisin! ^_^ I love mine and am getting a lot of use out of it :yes: And...they smell nice :biggrin:
  7. clinkenwar, that's a great first Hermes! Or second Hermes....after your twilly. Which twilly do you have??
  8. congrats and welcome to the orange side!
  9. congrats on your first H bag :smile: i love the color raisin!
  10. Congrats! I love my Ulysse.... never seen one in raisin, so please post a pic!
  11. Raisin!!!!! Congrats!
  12. Congrats!!! Would love to see a pic of the Ulyssee in raisin!!!
  13. Congrats! I love raisin...and a bolide is absolutely I think my favorite H bag! Can't wait to see pics - when will it arrive??
  14. Well they have to ship it to my mom in the states first and then she has to send it to I'm hoping to get it within the next 10 days.. I ordered from the Vegas store.. I can't wait!!!
  15. Hey've ya been?:yes:.. I have a feeling this H board is gonna be addictive!!

    isus.. I don't know what my twilly is called but it's purple and pink striped.. broad to's really pretty