My First Hermés Visit on next Friday

  1. Today i called my local Hermés Shop in Munich and request the Prices for a Ulysee:love:. The SA ( very nice Lady) told me a mini Ulysee is 107 Euro and PM Ulysee is 127 Euro plus Paper.I thought thats not so much money i expect . Good for me. :heart:I asked for Colours that they have right now. She told me Vert Anis, Vermillion and Blue Jean for a PM. Okay she put a Blue Jean PM Ulysee on hold for me.
    Now the Question my budget is approx. 300 Euro, what Else can i also buy? I saw these very cute Keychains or the Bookmarks. Or the Keyholders?! How are the Prices for that?

    I´m very very excited to vistit Hermés the first Time:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Oh, congratulations on your upcoming trip! :yahoo:It's so exciting, isn't it????

    My suggestion is to have fun and look around! I think a leather charm or bookmark fit in the budget you stated.

    Have fun!!!
  3. You could always get another Ulysse cover! :graucho: But seriously - the bookmarks and keychains are the cutest. I was looking at them the other day and I just wanted to run away with all.

    Tell us all about your experience when you get back!
  4. Yes that a good idea, maybe a mini ulysee in etoupe. :drool:But the SA told me they have to order the colour in Paris. Don´t know why?
  5. Can i put this refill in the Ulysee PM agenda?
  6. You can get a passport cover for ca. 130 Euros! I have one and love it. My passport never looked so elegant !
  7. How exciting!
  8. Now it´s 1 in the morning, and i can not sleep. I can´t stop thinking and dreaming of this ulysse agenda. this is too excited for me. i can´t wait until it´s next friday. and for now i want a ulysse mini in etoupe!!!!:crybaby:
  9. also to the blue jean pm
  10. Birkinfan--That's great news. :smile: Let us know how your first visit
    goes. :smile:
  11. Have fun and make sure you post about your purchases! :nuts:
  12. yes that´s for sure
  13. How cool.
  14. okay now i take the subway to the Airport and pick my ulysse pm blue jean up. and on friday i pick up my ulysse pm in etoupe up. My lovley SA find it in Frankfurt. I´m so excited. I´ll post pictures as soon i can. :yahoo:
  15. Exciting...can't wait to see pictures.